how to style white for fall without looking basic

October 11, 2017 • By

Men’s Merona button down | Parker Smith jeans | Cape Robbin mules | Mango hoop earrings (similar)

White after Labor Day is still kind of a newly acceptable thing, and as such feels a bit dangerous, doesn’t it? You don’t want to feel like you’re holding onto summer, or too preppy, or like you just can’t pull it off. Wearing white for fall is a bold choice, so it has to be executed in a way that feels effortless and natural, even if it is anything but. So how do you put it together so that it feels stylish and not forced?

When I think of white looks in colder months, two vastly different images come to mind. The first is high fashion. White dresses and boots at Paris Fashion Week or soft eggshell cashmere sweaters paired with crisp white distressed denim. The other is white skinnies with brown riding boots and a turquoise blouse. Queue the infinity scarf, latte and cardi. And I think that is my biggest hesitancy in attempting white for fall – that I’ll end up looking more pumpkin spice latte than high-end style vibes. In fact, we shot this look three times before getting it right.

In all the outfits I came up with to style these jeans (which fit like a dream btw – you can get them here) here is what I have decided is key in pulling off white for fall.

Keep It Simple Stupid

Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time. Any Office fans here? No? Okay.

I ended up loving the classic white button down approach. It’s easy and it always looks good. I was definitely overthinking the first few looks I tried, but once I started to par it down, everything came together.

Monochrome or Go Home

When researching (yes, okay, pinning) my favorite fall and winter white looks, I realized I am very much attracted to the monochrome feel. I especially love the subtly of an off-white and true white paired together, though I think that can be a bit trickier to master. But all in all, the monochrome or even all neutral looks get an A+ in my book and look quite luxe.

Texture is your Friend

Had it been colder, I would have opted for a chunky knit or tweed jacket, but as it refuses to cool off here in Texas, I chose to add a bit of color and texture all in one with my trusty (and dirt cheap) satin mules.

Unexpected Details

Recently, I learned this asymmetrically buttoned off the shoulder trick for classic button downs and I love it! It gives this look the perfect amount of interest to an otherwise simplistic look. I also toyed with the idea of adding a red hat, metal belt, or another bold accessory to add a little character, which also would have done the trick.

I don’t know, what do yall think? Is it still too basic?