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perfect jeans

July 5, 2017 • By

Wearing: Madewell high riser skinny perfect jeans, Madewell central shirt (also featured here), Zara shoes, Celine sunglasses

I had never had a pair of great fitting jeans until about 3 years ago. It was so hard for me to find an affordable pair that fit correctly, and the ones that did were way out of my budget. Instead, I would buy jeans from places like Buffalo Exchange or Wasteland that were good enough. There was usually something just a little off – the rise, the wash, the stretch.

Enter Madewell. My holy Mecca of denim. The first time I shopped there, I tried on a pair of the high riser skinny cut, bought them and wore them out of the store. I bought two more pairs the next week. They just get it. Since then, I’ve been 100% loyal to Madewell jeans, which you may have already figured out. I’ve thought about trying out Re/Done or Grlfrnd jeans but it’s almost like, what’s the point. I just feel great in Madewell. They are my perfect jeans.

Last season, they released this pair of button fly skinnies in a light wash, but they were too similar to a pair I already owned to justify the purchase. To my delight, the re-released the silhouette in this classic blue denim. They’ve already claimed their place as a staple in my denim collection. So comfortable and versatile!

What is your go-to brand of denim?


Photos by Sasha Calamaco

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rainbow stripes

June 3, 2017 • By

Rainbow Striped Outfit Denim Jacket

Rainbow Striped Outfit Vintage Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes Top Knot

Rainbow Striped Outfit Levi Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes Black Heels

Rainbow Stripes Vintage Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes Levi Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes

Wearing: Vintage Shorts, Madewell shirt, Vintage Levi Denim Jacket, Alaïa heels, Madewell scarf, Cape Robin mules

Full disclosure, since I put these rainbow stripes on, I’ve worn them three times. I’ve had these shorts for years but hadn’t worn them until now. I guess you could say I am catching up for lost time! I have always thought these shorts had a bit of a “clown factor,” but somehow that was offset by adding more stripes. Or maybe not, you can be the judge. To my delight, the size and spacing of the rainbow stripes matched the ones on this Madewell shirt, which definitely helped create a more cohesive feel.

I didn’t realize this until I started to document my outfits more regularly, but I hate wind. The wind is now my ultimate nemesis. I can’t tell if it has just been extra windy the past few weeks or if I am just more aware of it now. Either way, it’s driving me crazy! On this morning in Marfa, the weather was surprisingly cold and windy, so that’s why my hair is all over the place. The wind literally blew my bun right off my head! I am praying for a wind-free summer.

On another note, how amazing are these external marble walls? I was completely dying over them!



tropical two piece

May 13, 2017 • By

Tropical Two Piece

Tropical Outfit Bralette

Tropical Outfit

Tropical Outfit Platforms

Tropical Denim Jacket

Tropical Celine Glasses

Tropical Bralet

Wearing: Tropical Beehive top, Honey Punch pants, vintage Levis denim jacket, Dolce Vita platforms (old), Shop Machete earrings, Celine sunglasses, Alexander Wang bag

New favorite outfit alert. I so wish I had this ensemble when we traveled to Hawaii back in February. There is something so classic about white cropped pants. They just never go out of style. Paired with this fun tropical top from Beehive, it is the perfect spring ensemble. Both of these pieces were actually a part of a two-piece set, but I didn’t think I would get enough use out of the tropical skirt. The white bralette that accompanied the pants was darling, but it just wasn’t working on me. I hate to break up a set, but these just looked too cute together not to!

Palm print is such a fun summery print and it seems like it is more in style than ever. It’s a classic Beverly Hills Hotel print and even makes an appearance in Blanche’s room. And of course, Gucci’s drool-worthy tropics-inspired collections as of late. I recently stripped, stained and reupholstered a little mid-century chair in a similar print, and I love the vibe it adds to the dining room. The more palm print, the better!


Photos by Robert Paine


cinco de mayo

May 5, 2017 • By

Wearing: F21 top, Vintage cutoff Levis, Madewell boots and necklace, Vintage neckscarf, Karen Walker sunnies

Cinco de Mayo, also known as Cinco de Drinko in my younger college years (and also still now), actually holds a special place in my heart because it is the day I met my boyfriend! Well, my then-boyfriend, now-photographer. Little did I know that 5 years later, I’d be house hunting with the guy that kept sneaking kisses on my cheek.

I embroidered these vintage Levi’s last weekend and am just loving how this technicolored cactus came out! I started embroidering about a year ago, but this was my first attempt on actual clothing. I just started on a Gucci-inspired snake on a spare denim jacket we had laying around. It is proving to be a bit trickier, becase the welt seams won’t fit into my embroidery hoop, making it impossible to stretch. I’m hoping I can make it work!

Also, a note about making your own high waisted denim cutoffs. Buy Mens jeans!! They have a longer zipper and a looser fit, so they work perfectly. The ones pictured here are either a very tiny mens jean or a very large boys jean. Not sure, but either way, just find one that fit you around the waist and chop!


Photos by: Robert Paine


one shoulder

April 28, 2017 • By

Wearing: Jolt shirt, Madewell jeans, Alice Blue moto jacket, Soludos espadrilles, Michael Stars hat, Vintage bag, Madewell rings

Last summer I was all about the off-the-shoulder top. I must have collected about 4 or 5 of them, and they were all I wanted to wear. I’d get ready for the day, shoulders bared, and be on my way.

But you know what you can’t do in an off-the-shoulder top? Literally anything.

All throughout the day, I would be fidgeting, making sure the off-the-shoulder sleeves weren’t making their way up my arm back to my shoulders, gently tugging them back down where they belonged. Going out to dinner in your new top? Nope, they’ll slide up while you eat. Wearing them grocery shopping? Maybe if you’re not picking up anything. Want to wear a light jacket with it? Don’t even think about it.

Though they still find their way out of my closet from time to time, I have happily accepted the off-the-shoulder’s low maintenance cousin into my life, the one-shoulder top. Gone are the days of not being able to raise my arms lest my shirt fly off my shoulders!

I got this one during a recent Nordstrom’s Rack haul. I was just going to get these Soludos espadrilles to replace the ones that Daphne ate (She chased it with a tub of coconut oil) but when you’re only $40 from free shipping, you say what the hell and toss a few things into your cart. I know we’ve all been there.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend! Boyf will be away recording an album in Austin, and I am going to cook and embroider and maybe get a workout or two in. What do you have planned?


Photos by: Robert Paine