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June 24, 2017 • By

80's Vintage Tee Chanel

Vintage Tee Duel Denim Jeans

80's Vintage Tee Jeans

Yellow Vintage Tee Jeans

Vintage Tee Jeans

Vintage Tee Patched Jeans

80's Vintage Tee Chanel

Vintage Tee and Jeans

Vintage Tee Madewell Jeans

Vintage Tee Patchwork Jeans

Vintage Tee Denim Jeans
Wearing: Vintage tee, Madewell jeans, Zara shoes, Chanel Bag, Beehive earrings

Truly, there is nothing better than gloomy days, especially on the weekends. Today has been a rare Saturday. We have almost nothing planned to do! So we’ve spent the morning puttering around the house, drinking coffee and listening to the rain. Dreams are made of days like this.

On another note, it is full-blown sale season, y’all. I have been on a bit of a shopping bender and am happily awaiting my packages. Personally, I recommend checking out the Zara, Mango and ASOS sales. It doesn’t hurt to browse the Barney’s designer sale either. Or maybe it does. Tread lightly.

I’m not usually partial to yellow, but this “surf thugs” vintage tee I found a few years ago was irresistible to me. It’s so weird. I can’t figure out what it’s from. A quick Google search revealed that there is indeed a band called Surf Thugs, but I’m thinking they’re different thugs. Anyway, I like to think that a surf thug is someone who is really aggressive about who rides their waves. Like it’s their territory. Not very characteristic of any surfer I know but who knows. If anyone knows what it is from, let me know!


Edit: Was just informed of Beauty Brands Liter Sale also. Must go get all the goodies!

Photos by Robert Paine