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December 7, 2012 • By

1Ph: Andrew Clapp

2 3 4 IMG_7336 - Version 3 5Thinking about graduating is really starting to trip me out.  It’s crazy how for the majority of my life, I’ve been accounted for.  I didn’t know where I would be, or the specifics of what I’d be doing, but I always knew I’d be in school.  Now that’s coming to an end and I’m kind of riding the wave, waiting to see what comes next.  A job, but I mean, what job?  Its exciting and scary having virtually no idea or concrete plans regarding my future.  It gives me the opportunity to pinpoint what it is I actually want and attempt to formulate a process to make it happen.  Of course, nothing ever works out the way you imagine it will.  Or so I’m told.  Anywho, I’m getting quite nostalgic about these last couple days at university and the prospect of beginning a new chapter. End of an era!

My friend Andrew asked me and a few friends to help out with a project a few days ago.  We grabbed some props and PBRs and had a goofy, late night shoot. “Just play!” he said.  We found these desks and threw them in, and now it’s kind of funny to me that we did a classroom inspired shoot during my final days of school.  Pictured here is one of my lovely roommates, Rebecca Wright (who is super artistic and creative and makes some badass art, so inspired by her), and Steve, a mega sweetheart. Part 2 of this night is coming soon!