ruffles and fringe

August 3, 2017 • By

Cotton Candy LA Ruffle Shirt | Zara Knit Shorts | Celine Sunglasses | Stitch Fix Bag | Zara Shoes

 Maximum style with minimal effort is what I am all about. On those days when you’d like to embody a life of leisure but act the exact opposite, pick an outfit slightly resembling sleepwear. Dress it up with granny heels and a statement bag and call it a day.

The trick to executing this oh-so-comfy look is all in the details. I like to choose a few on trend but subtle accents to spice up the ensemble. In this case, those accents come in the form of ruffles and fringe. Who knew the two could live together in harmony?

Not being one to shy away from bohemian accessories, fringe is no stranger to my wardrobe. Ruffles, on the other hand, are a new addition to my rotation. This season, they seem to be out in full force! Their ability to turn an otherwise basic garment into something effortlessly feminine (not to be confused with girly) is not lost on me. I especially love a good structured ruffle, like the one on this Zara skirt. It most definitely adds an element of edge on top of the already feminine feel. With the sheer amount of ruffle styles available right now, there’s surely something for everyone. Have you embraced the frilled life?