the problem with overchoice

July 20, 2017 • By

H&M Tank | Madewell Jeans | Zara Heels | Madewell Scarf | Madewell Hat

The past few weeks, I have been shopping a TON but buying nothing. I’ve read a ton of reviews on prospective purchases on Amazon, I’ve gone into a few stores, and filled up online shopping carts. I just can’t pull the trigger! When it comes to making a decision on what I am going to buy, I just give up. I know this happens to everyone, but I just found out that this phenomenon has a name: Choice Overload or Overchoice.

I’ve read that overchoice is making people unhappy. Too many choices can exhaust and irritate us, make us obsess over unnecessary details and lead us to abandon making a decision altogether. When we do make a decision, we feel less certainty and confidence about the choice we picked. While I can see this being the case in terms of big life decisions and important purchases, I think currently it is making my bank account exhale a huge sigh of relief.

TBH I am kind of leaning into it, too. If I don’t get that “omg HAVE to have it” feeling, I shouldn’t be buying it. All too often I end up wasting money on things that don’t make me happy or that I don’t need. And truthfully, my recent track record of impulse buys hasn’t been great. The last three purchases I’ve made, I’ve returned.

With my shopping habits at an overchoice standstill, my current closet favorites are getting a lot of playtime. I picked up this comfy, boxy cut, slightly cropped tank at HM for less than $10. It’s such an easy basic to grab for an effortless, “I just threw this on” feel. Paired with these chewed hem jeans and a strappy heel, it’s great for grabbing a beer! Topped it off, literally, with this hat from the Biltmore X Madewell collection.