off the shoulder dress

July 2, 2017 • By

Wearing: Beehive dress, Zara Mules (old)

Hmm, off the shoulder dress and mules… are you sensing a theme? This combo just seems to work for me. And why shouldn’t it? It’s so easy and has that elusive effortless vibe that’s so hard to nail down. We shot this little off the shoulder dress at one of my all time favorite stores, Beehive. Aside from the clothes (seriously, every piece is a banger) this store is basically decor heaven. Wallpaper, neon, gold, tassels… it’s the cutest.

Going into this weekend, I was thinking I’d be so bored. So many of our friends are off vacationing at cool locations like Big Bend and Slovenia (random, but true) and I kept asking Rob, “but what are we gonna do this weekend?” I am always planning somewhere to go or something to do, and we’ve just been so busy lately that the thought of having nothing planned was making me feel on edge. Turns out, having nothing on the schedule is so badass. We’re about to go to the movies for the second time this weekend, I’ve gotten two workouts in, watched about a million Youtube videos, and we’re doing a ton of shooting. And we brunched! Haven’t done that in ages. So much fun!

 That’s all for now. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!