newsboy in neutral

July 26, 2017 • By

Tank | One Teaspoon Bandit Shorts | Vintage Pendelton Blazer | Vintage Newsboy Hat | Zara Bag and Shoes | Gorjana Necklace and Rings

Ahhh, the beauty of neutrals. Throw a couple pieces together and you have yourself an outfit. I tossed this look together for a few quick errands and a beer. We are in the dead of summer here in Texas, so when layering, lightweight options are crucial. Luckily, this blazer isn’t bad. I love a blazer’s capability to turn any slouchy, beachy ensemble into something that looks a little more pulled together and polished. As seen here, my simple tank and cutoffs outfit was hardly notable. Topped with an oversized blazer and a newsboy cap, it totally transforms the whole look into something happy hour worthy. Not sure what your outfit is missing? Throw on a blazer. I promise it’ll help!

Lately, I’ve had the best luck finding blazers while thrifting. I found both this blazer and the one I’m wearing here at a¬†thrift shop and they’re both Pendelton. I also found a vintage Bob Mackie blazer a few weeks ago but it was XL and traffic cone orange, so I passed on it. Still kind of regret it though!