move over, millennial pink

December 8, 2017 • By

Madewell jeans | Vintage coat | Zara mules

Millennial pink, the ubiquitous color of this generation. I needn’t tell you that this color is everywhere. You need only have eyes to realize we’re up to our necks with this illustrious color. It has become clear that this isn’t your average color trend. The phenomenon has well outlived the typical staying power of such a trend, and as we near 2017, I have a feeling we are in for another pink year.

Don’t misunderstand me, I get it. The craze over the cutesy hue is not lost on me. Glossier ads often have me reaching for my wallet and I swoon at the thought of Sketch‘s rosy quartz interior. What is it about Millennial Pink that we are all infatuated with? Is it because we’ve used it as a symbol to reclaim our femininity? Because it has been accepted by all, furthering the gender-neutral movement in fashion? Or is it more superficial than that… is it just popular?

Whatever the case, it is evident that this soft-as-a-feather shade is going to stick around for a while. And while I accept this fully, I can’t help but crave some variety. As more and more products and brands stain themselves pink, it starts to lose its impact. Like saying a word over and over. I’m ready to add some new colors to the mix.

Enter: Dusty periwinkle and misty blue. After receiving a drool-worthy bag from Sezane in the mail, I really just could not get over the color of the box it was packaged in. And the color of this fur is absolutely speaking to me. They have the same essence of Millennial Pink but without the oversaturation – figuratively, not literally of course. The perfect complimentary hues to the color of the generation!