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how to create more “me-time”

August 14, 2017 • By

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Happy Monday! This weekend was a rare one in that I hardly had anything planned to do. On Saturday, it rained so we just watched movies and lounge around the house. Heaven! I have some busy weeks ahead of me, so it was great to be able to take a beat and relax.

When you’re busy, me-time (or just general “not working” time) is so easily overlooked as time that can be sacrificed. For me, I find it hard sometimes to schedule in a social life. With two jobs and this blog, my schedule fills up quickly! And truthfully, I prefer to stay busy because I am way more productive when there is a lot to do. I know I am not alone in procrastinating when I have time to get a project done. But my me-time and my social life are definitely what takes a hit when I am busy.

If I don’t actively schedule time for myself, I get burnt out and lose my creativity. Plus, I turn into an overall grump. Not good for me OR the people around me. Though it takes some finessing to juggle all my short term deadlines and projects, I have a few time management tips that have helped keep me on track in my professional life and blogosphere which allows me to create more time for myself.


I wouldn’t get a damn thing done if it weren’t for lists. My life is basically structured by to-do lists. They’re quick to jot down, easy to reprioritize and that feeling when you cross something off the list, there’s nothing like it.


Keeping separate notebooks for everything helps keep everything organized. I have one for my full-time job, one of for my side job and one for the blog. My to-do lists go within each of those (as well as an additional general life to-do list). This is also where I keep any project notes that I need to keep in order. Having separate notebooks helps me keep everything straight and cuts down on trying to find the information I know I wrote down. When I need something, I know where to find it. 


A lot of people swear by planners. I’ve never been a planner or scheduler type person, it’s just not a flexible option for my lifestyle. My creative juices and motivation, unfortunately, are not always “on call” so I go with what I’m feeling instead of planning out my week. I find it much easier to pick a few things off my to-do list each day to tackle and do the small tasks as they come in.

I know these tips are nothing crazy, but they help! With all the projects I juggle day-to-day, they help me stay organized and more importantly stay sane. I hate saying no to all the fun social things I want to do or to take time for myself, and getting sh*t done is definitely the key to saying YES! Do you have any productivity tips that create more me-time? Let me know in the comments!