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April 26, 2017 • By

Wearing: Cotton Candy LA shirt, Madewell jeans and boots, brand-less hat, Zara bag (old

It’s Wednesday! That day where the end of the week is finally in sight. I kid you not when I say this. week. is. dragging. DRAGGING. Usually, time seems to fly by. Between two jobs, the blog, *trying* to work out and eat healthy, maintaining a social life and all that other mundane stuff in between, I stay pretty busy. Not so much this week. Probably because I am looking forward to so much stuff coming up soon! Like…

1. Sushi date on Friday
Boyf and I are going to Denton TX to eat at one of our favorite sushi spots, Keiichi. It’s open just a few nights a week and only has 10 seats, so you have to book your reservation out a few months in advance. We go about once a year or so and it is always such a treat! I can confidently say it is the best sushi in Texas. I’m not kidding. Look it up.

2. Our new couch delivers in a week
We desperately needed a new couch, so we finally took the plunge after a major spring clean this past weekend. We’ve been eating, drinking and lazing with the dogs on the old one for the past year years, so it has accumulated a fair amount of stains, rips and overall slouchy-ness. Our new one, an oversize deep grey one (we couldn’t be trusted with the beige colorway) is so soft and 50 inches deep. FIFTY. Say hello to my new Sunday home.

3. Time for my summer glow
With summer right around this corner, I am dying to be tan. I’ll admit, I’ve done my fair share of bed tanning in the past. So gross! It actually makes me cringe when I think about what I was doing to my skin. Enter: Viva Bronze Spray Tans. Cynthia is a badass female entrepreneur who started her spray tan business last year. She’ll come to your house, glow you up and make you laugh the whole time. Seriously, it’s so comfortable to be around her, even while butt-ass naked. A MUST if you live in the DFW area.

4. My Celine sunnies being redelivered
Ummmm, did anyone see the nonsense that was delivered to me today on my Insta Story? I purchased a pair of on-super-sale Celine sunglasses, and they came all kinds of mucked up. One arm (is that what they’re called?) of the sunglasses is pointing up and the other down. And neither are perpendicular to the frames. Not sure what happened there but they are not even wearable! Luckily, the customer service was really easy to work with and they sending a new pair out pronto! Also, just now realizing that Amazon had the same pair. Moral of the story: ALWAYS check Amazon.

5. We booked a trip to Marfa in May
I’ve been dying to take a West Texas road trip. We’re hitting the sand dunes in Monahan’s and then staying a few nights in Marfa. I’m so excited to stay at Hotel Paisano. It was designed by the famed architect Henry Trost in the 30’s and was home to Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean while they filmed the classic movie Giant. Plus, the pool looks UHmazing. Let me know in the comments if you have any must-see joints in Marfa!

Til then, can you find me staring at the clock.


Photos by: Robert Paine