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Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirt Zara Skirt

Red Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirt Hat

Vintage Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirt Vintage Rings

Hawaiian Shirt Black Skirt

Vintage Red Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian Shirt VintageWearing: Vintage Hawaiian shirt, Zara skirt, Vintage rings, Vintage hat, Celine sunglasses

I live for vacationing. I mean, who doesn’t really? It’s like your real life just floats away and you enter a dreamland. One of my favorite time-killers instead of browsing Instagram or Pinterest is to plan virtual vacations via amazing Airbnbs. It is so fun to imagine where to go, what to do, where to stay. Perhaps if travel agents still existed, I’d be one! Rob and I made a trip to Hawaii back in February and I had a blast just figuring out the details. Of course, the trip itself was incredible, but there is something about looking forward to the adventure.¬†Hopefully, I’ll get around to sharing those photos here one day, though there aren’t many. That’ll probably be our last trip where we weren’t completely photography obsessed (unlike our trip to Marfa!) and, unfortunately, since we are saving to buy a house, it will be our last big vacation for some time.

I think that’s why I have been grabbing for my old Hawaiian shirts recently. They put me in an island state of mind!

Photos by Sasha Calamaco