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friday favorites – top 5 designer sunglasses

May 19, 2017 • By

Celine Sunglasses Havana

Celine sunglasses, Gorjana leaf ring, Madewell midi ring, Shop Machete earrings

If I could only buy one type of designer accessory for the rest of my life, hands down, it would be sunglasses. You only need one great versatile bag to last you forever and I’m way too hard on my shoes to invest in the new it-shoe. But oh I just love a great pair of sunnies! Is there any other article of clothing that can convey such attitude?

My eyes are also incredibly light sensitive. It gets to the point where I feel virtually blinded if I don’t have sunglasses when I am outside. Because of this, I usually opt for a pair with darker lenses that protect my eyes from UV rays. Win, win!

I recently invested in a pair of Celine sunnies, as my old reliable Karen Walkers are just about ready for retirement. Anyone else guilty of “forgetting” to use a case? The new pair came with a soft case that is much more space efficient for my bag. I am committing to be better about it this time around!

Here are a few that I would very much like to add into the rotation:


1. Prada Tortoiseshell Gradient
2. Givenchy Green 7061/S
3. Celine Marta Light Havana
4. Dior So Real
5. Karen Walker Lunar Flower Cat Eye