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closet cleanup: how to manage your end of summer wardrobe

September 7, 2017 • By

Closet Cleanup

Closet Cleanup

Closet Cleanup

Though fall is technically fast approaching, it won’t feel that way here in Texas for quite some time. The temperature stays in the 90s through the end of September and into October. However, I am already itching to buy sweaters and jackets and all other things “fall.” Sweater weather, yall! It kills me to see friends and family up north already layering with cardigans and enjoying crisp days. So ready for that. I am decidedly OVER summer and my summer wardrobe.

Near the end of each season, I like to go through my closet and take inventory. What did I try on 10 times but never actually wear out? Was there anything I didn’t wear this summer? Answering these questions helps me decide what is adding value to my wardrobe, what needs to be replaced and what pieces can be discarded to make room for new seasonal items. Today, I am sharing my process of how to take inventory and what to do with all those clothes you don’t use anymore. It’s time for the end of summer closet cleanup!

Take note of everything you didn’t wear this season.

First, I take note of all the seasonal pieces I didn’t wear. There’s usually quite a bit. Maybe it’s something I bought on a whim that I didn’t need. Or it’s a little old now and as a result, I just overlook it when browsing. Sometimes, I just forget to return something that didn’t work out. *face palm* Hate when I do that! Once you go through everything you didn’t wear, set it aside.

Decide what to do with it.

I know this is super vague but hear me out. There are a couple different routes you can take to decide if these pieces stay or go, and they don’t even require a Sex and the City style closet cleanup montage.

Wear it.

If you don’t want to get rid of it, wear it! Put together an outfit and try to wear it in the coming week. If by the time fall actually comes around and you still haven’t worn it, it’s time to let go. I’ll be honest, there are some pieces I wear near the end of summer just to cross it off the list. I bought pretty white dress months ago and wore it just to say I did, so guess what? It’s for sale. Which brings me to my next point.

Sell it.

There’s no shortage of ways to sell clothes in this day and age. One of my favorites is taking it to a second-hand store like Buffalo Exchange or Wasteland. I don’t recommend Plato’s Closet because they only take trash and pay you pennies for it. Buffalo Exchange will give you 50% worth of trade or 30% cash from what they buy in. I usually take the trade because it is better a value and I can usually find some stamped silver rings there or a vintage tee. They only buy in pieces that their customers are currently shopping for (duh) so sometimes this is not a great option for getting rid of more seasonal pieces. For example, I save all my coats and jackets to sell until I know that is what they are buying for the store.

There are also tons of apps you can use to sell clothes. In the past, I’ve used Depop. I have also just started using Poshmark as well. These are great because you can set your own prices and even trade if you’re into that. Typically, I get more money for each piece than if I were to sell at a secondhand store, but sales come in slower so it’s a trade off. A couple other cons of this method include people asking you to sell your stuff way below what you asked for (annoying) and figuring shipping which can be a beating. But overall, I’ve had a good experience.

Alter it.

More than once, I’ve had something sit in my closet for ages because the fit was just a little off. Now is the time to take care of it! If it’s a quick DIY fix like hemming a dress or taking in a skirt, set the garment next to your sewing machine to remind you to do it. Or grab your good ol’ fashioned needle and thread and put it next to your side table to work on the next time you watch TV. If it is something more technical that requires a tailor, go put the garment in your car so that when you’re running errands, you don’t forget it at home.

Keep it.

Sometimes you’re just not ready to part ways with something and that’s okay. I have a couple of items that fit me to a t but have a loud print. Things like this warrant the perfect occasion! For others, I am still waiting for the perfect outfit to come together. Typically, if I love a piece and it fits well, it still adds value to my wardrobe even though I haven’t worn it. So I keep it!

Put on Spotify playlist and spend an otherwise lazy Sunday afternoon productively performing your closet cleanup. You’ll be happy you did! Plus, you know it’s about time to make room for those chunky knit sweaters and cozy jackets!