dressing for you body type vs. dressing for your style

November 16, 2017 • By

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Purple Mesh Vintage Mom Jeans

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Turtle Neck Mom Jeans

Turtle Neck Vintage Mom Jeans

Purple Mesh Mom Jeans

Vintage Mom Jeans

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Body positive: It’s a lot easier to say you are than actually be.

As a stylist for the everyday woman, I hear all sorts of small digs women make about themselves.

“These pants were so cute… and then I put them on.”
“This was too small (insert weight loss joke here).”
“I love horizontal stripes on other women but would NEVER wear them.”

And I get it. Insecurities are those little jabs we all give ourselves that stop us from making the sartorial choices we normally would.

I try wide leg pants once a year just to remember, oh yeah, these just do not work on me. And those girls who flit around the internet claiming slip dresses to be the most effortless of outfits? It’s never gonna happen for me! They hug my curves in all the wrong places and a bra-less me is just too risky a move.

And while those two styles (that I love on other people) will still forever be on my “do not fuck with” list, I’ve been wondering if I avoid them because of how I look in them, or because of how they make me feel.

As women, we’ve been instilled with the notion that dressing for your body type is top priority when picking what you wear. We grew up with shows like What Not to Wear that berated women who had any sort of creative style (didn’t you always hate the after?) and magazine articles on how to identify your body type and how to ABSOLUTELY AVOID styles that wouldn’t flatter aforementioned body type. Preference was secondary.

Don’t you think this mentality puts too much control in the hands of other people of how you look?

Fashion should be about what makes you feel confident, sexy, weird, unique, or whatever it is you feel like feeling. And that can mean dressing for your body type, but it certainly doesn’t have to.