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Weekend Links

Weekend Links

weekend links, vol. 3

October 7, 2017 • By

As cliche as it is to talk about days of the week (Yay Friday! Boo Monday.) I am thrilled that this week is over. Was it hard? Not really. Busy? Kind of but not overly. Mostly just wasn’t feeling it. Do you ever have those weeks? I would have happily stared at a blank wall for hours over being a responsible “adult.” But I got through it, I persevered, I survived. We did it, you guys.

This week, we’re back with the third round of Weekend Links. Enjoy!

  1. Did you catch my latest post on fall trends? Well, these were a total dud! I don’t recommend them.
  2. Fashion month is over but I’ve been dying over all the photos from PFW! Didn’t this show look insane?
  3. But really isn’t the street style the best part of fashion week?
  4. Is it just me or has this country been like THE destination right now?!
  5. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t the littlest amount excited for these. I think the giraffe is my favorite.
  6. Incorporating color into your home can be hard, but this designer totally nailed it. That green tile in the bathroom!
  7. Low key thinking about attending this event in Dallas…
  8. Eagerly awaiting these shoes to be delivered. Only $40! How is this possible?
  9. It’s almost hibernation season. If you need me, I’ll be at home watching these new Netflix shows.
  10. Very much “into this.

Weekend Links

weekend links: vol. 2

September 1, 2017 • By

It’s Friday! And September! Since Wednesday last week, I’ve been so busy. We had some friends in town from Austin and spent a night eating tacos and playing dominos. Then our plans to go to Austin for the weekend were quickly replaced with helping a friend out while she escaped Houston. And this week, I’ve been feeling somewhere in between not feeling sick, but also not feeling 100%. Not miserable, but I have definitely just lazed around the house after work each day. Which is what would account for my lack of posts this entire week! I spent a lot of my down time browsing the internet for all things interesting, so I wanted to bring back Weekend Links for a round 2!

  1. I can already see myself stocking up on striped sweaters this fall. I’m trying not to purchase this one and this one until it gets a little colder!
  2. Speaking of fall – this creepy Twitter thread totally sets the mood for all things spooky and scary.
  3. I’ve been eating vegan for almost two months now, and this vegan queso is everything to me.
  4. I adore Spanish Revival style, so naturally, I was all about this renovation home tour.
  5. Who else is ready for the Ulta sale? I’ve got my eye on a few things like these Buxom lip liners ($8, reg $17) and the First Aid Beauty Hydrate Kit ($22, reg $44).
  6. Berets: Are we for them or against them? I am feeling for them.
  7. So much yes to Vogue calling out these Instagram-only trends (even though, yes, berets are on that list).
  8. On a serious note, Hurricane Harvey has devastated many of my fellow Texas. Take a moment to donate even a little amount to American Red Cross help those in need. Every little bit counts.

Weekend Links

weekend links vol. 1

July 15, 2017 • By

Hellooooo Saturday! Ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re just lacking motivation and creativity? Well, that was all damn week for me! It was such a struggle to generate any creativity about anything at work or at home. I am happy to use this weekend to take a beat, relax and get those creative juices flowing again. Usually I just putter around the internet and try to draw inspiration, so I did a fair share of that the past few days. I wanted to share some of the more interesting things from my browsing history this week! Enjoy. 🙂

  1. I stumbled upon this Australian online shop the other day and am thinking of buying this skirt.
  2. A friend and I are starting Couch to 5K next Monday. Ready to get back into the working out routine!
  3. I discovered this blog via Pinterest this week. How incredible is this backyard before and after??
  4. My friend Elliot ranked all his favorite album releases from 2016 and I’m loving them. I made a playlist of his Indie picks if you want to listen along!
  5. I’m very intrigued with the idea of travel hacking, so I took this course, and I’m so glad I did!
  6. Has anyone seen this video circulating Facebook? I bookmarked it for every time I’m asked, “So how do you get your protein?”
  7. My friend Kailee and I get together every Thursday and make dinner. This is our go-to recipe (minus the chicken).
  8. I was hoping these loafers would be included in the #nsale, but they’re NOT! What’s a girl to do?
  9. Loving the Baby Driver soundtrack, more than the actual movie I think!
  10. Recreating these nails today!