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5 things: wedding edition

October 27, 2018 • By

You guys, I am in full-on wedding planning mode! From the moment I started, I was told how stressful planning can be, especially planning a destination wedding. From guest lists and managing outside opinions to adhering to a budget and working with vendors overseas, I was led to believe I’d be pulling my hair out by this point. Turns out, I am so enjoying myself!

I was not the type of girl who dreamt of my wedding since I was little, just waiting for the chance to make it a reality. Sure, I had a private Pinterest board filled with swoon-worthy weddings, but that’s about the extent of it. Truthfully, the price tag of a dream wedding always turned me off, and I knew I just wouldn’t be able to stomach the cost when the money could be better spent on a life-changing trip or even a down payment on a house. Most of our costs have been for things that are really important to us: food, photos, and location. For the rest, we are making sure to keep it simple, affordable, and are flexing our DIY muscles. Overall, the choices we’ve made so far have allowed the planning process to be fairly seamless, stress-free, and really exciting! Here are five wedding planning updates to catch you up to speed!

  1. We are getting married in Italy! We decided it would feel more “us” and be a better use of money to forego a big wedding and take a big trip instead, so we are renting a villa in a small town called Ravello off the Amalfi coast and will have the ceremony there in the middle of our stay. Why Ravello? For the simple reason that we’ve never been before! Our favorite thing to do as a couple is explore a new city, and Ravello felt right.
  2. The wedding is going to be veeery small. It will be us and our immediate families only, a total of nine people. The thought of having all eyes on me in a room of 200 people makes me a nervous, anxious wreck, so I am glad it is going to be just the people we are most comfortable with and the people who matter the most!
  3. I thought I would get a simple white dress instead of a traditional wedding gown since our wedding is going to be small and informal, and I even bought one from Reformation… but I couldn’t this other dress out of my head! So I found a shop in Dallas that carried it, tried it on, and that was that. Truthfully, the dress is the only thing that has been an impractical splurge, but it brings me joy and I just really wanted it! It has been the hardest thing in the world not showing it to Rob. I want him to see it so bad!
  4. So far, I have the villa, chef and bartender, photographer, cake and makeup artist booked. Only thing I am still working on is finding a florist! All of the vendors we are working with have been so unbelievably kind. The owner of the villa introduced us to the chef. The chef helped find a bartender, pointed us in the direction of a great bakery for the cake and suggested a possible florist. Our photographer recommended my makeup artist. It has all been very word-of-mouth and surprisingly effortless!
  5. I am starting to pull together some design elements and decor that won’t take up too much room in a suitcase, or would be light enough to ship affordably. I’ve been looking for some unique textiles and gold accents. Design wise, we are going the minimal route because really, doesn’t the scenery of Italy speak for itself?
  6. Bonus Thing: I am going to take Rob’s last name! I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to keep my own because Kiernan is so unique, but ultimately, I want to save it for if Rob and I decide to have kids. I think it is the cutest girls name (though it totally works for a boy, too) and it would be confusing if it were my last name and our child’s name.

Here are some of the inspiration photos I have been collecting as I plan!

(This is the villa we staying at and where we will have the ceremony!)