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rainbow stripes

June 3, 2017 • By

Rainbow Striped Outfit Denim Jacket

Rainbow Striped Outfit Vintage Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes Top Knot

Rainbow Striped Outfit Levi Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes Black Heels

Rainbow Stripes Vintage Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes Levi Denim Jacket

Rainbow Stripes

Wearing: Vintage Shorts, Madewell shirt, Vintage Levi Denim Jacket, Alaïa heels, Madewell scarf, Cape Robin mules

Full disclosure, since I put these rainbow stripes on, I’ve worn them three times. I’ve had these shorts for years but hadn’t worn them until now. I guess you could say I am catching up for lost time! I have always thought these shorts had a bit of a “clown factor,” but somehow that was offset by adding more stripes. Or maybe not, you can be the judge. To my delight, the size and spacing of the rainbow stripes matched the ones on this Madewell shirt, which definitely helped create a more cohesive feel.

I didn’t realize this until I started to document my outfits more regularly, but I hate wind. The wind is now my ultimate nemesis. I can’t tell if it has just been extra windy the past few weeks or if I am just more aware of it now. Either way, it’s driving me crazy! On this morning in Marfa, the weather was surprisingly cold and windy, so that’s why my hair is all over the place. The wind literally blew my bun right off my head! I am praying for a wind-free summer.

On another note, how amazing are these external marble walls? I was completely dying over them!


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all white at the sand dunes

June 1, 2017 • By

Wearing: Vintage tee, Honey Punch pants, Beehive tassel bralette, Zara boots

On our way to Marfa last week, we stopped at the sand dunes in Monahans Texas. Holy moly, they were unreal! I have to say, I was excited to see them but I didn’t think they would be this cool. I mean, it was hotter than hell and a lot harder than it looked to walk around (the pictures of me bent over breathing heavily have been destroyed). BUT it was a great experience, especially for a quick road trip pit stop.

Rob and I walked through the dunes a bit before renting a kind of sled to try and slide down some of them. Keyword: try. I don’t know it was just made for children or if we didn’t choose steep enough dunes, but it was overall a huge fail! I was cracking up at Rob trying to slide down one of the dunes. “Scooting” is probably a more accurate way to describe what was happening. It took him like 3 minutes to scoot all the way to the bottom! 

I am in love with these all white pants! I wore them in this post, and I can guarantee it won’t be the last time they make an appearance on almostmadison. Straight leg is definitely the new skinny, and wearing all white in summer is just so classic. I’ve also realized that I have a soft spot for vintage beer tees. The back of this one says Grab a Heiny. Don’t mind if I do! Rob better watch out.


Photos by Robert Paine

Style, Travel

el paisano

May 30, 2017 • By

El Paisano Dress

El Paisano Reformation

El Paisano Reformation Dress

Marfa Stitch Fix Men

El Paisano Reformation Red Dress

El Paisano Sign

Marfa Reformation Dress

Marfa Stitch Fix Mens

Marfa Reformation Red Dress

Marfa Reformation

Wearing: Reformation dress, Cape Robbin mules, Alexander Wang bag, Vintage rings

We had such an amazing time in Marfa! There’s nothing like a long weekend away to reset and refresh. We stayed at El Paisano Hotel, truly one of the dreamiest hotels I’ve visited. It is best known for hosting the cast and crew during the filming of the 1955 movie Giant, including James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. I will put together a full Marfa travel diary together in a later post, but this old-world hotel (and dress!) deserved its own moment.

Marfa’s landscape, pastel buildings, and El Paisano’s retro feel acted as the perfect backdrop for this dress. I snagged it from Reformation a few years ago and it has been in my rotation ever since. I am convinced that Reformation can do no wrong at this point. They’ve mastered the modern it girl meets ultra feminine aesthetic. Given the chance, I would happily build an entire wardrobe out of Reformation and Madewell pieces.

And let’s talk about these shoes for a minute. I got them from Amazon for TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. I kid you not. Go get them immediately! They are so comfortable, go with a lot more outfits than you would think, and cheap as hell. Plus, a lady at the hotel said, “I like your slippers, you wild thing, you.” Seriously, there’s not a reason not to get them.


Photos by Robert Paine