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getting ready for… paris!

February 23, 2018 • By

Endless Rose sweater | Pistola jeans (similar) |Sezane bag | Zara heels (similar)

Just a quite post before we hop on our plane to Europe! A fews weeks ago, I put together a post on all the things we plan to do during our trip to London. I had intended to do that for Paris, the second leg of our trip, as well but to be honest, we just don’t really have anything planned! There is of course a bucket list of things we want to do and see (a lot of them touristy… it is my first time after all!) but mostly, we just want to walk around, fall into little shops and cafes, eat great food and play around with the camera.


5 sexy things to wear instead of a red dress this valentines

February 13, 2018 • By

Tis the season for roses, heart eyes, chocolates and all things red! Truth be told, we are not big on celebrating this lovey-dovey holiday, but it does have some special meaning for us. We adopted our first dog together on Valentine’s Day 5 years ago! And both this year and last year, we have had a big trip planned for February. So while we do use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to eat out, we usually keep our plans pretty low key.

This means I don’t typically get all dolled up in red and pink. I skip the lace dresses and lace lingerie and try to wear things that are sexy to us. Here are some Valentine’s Day date outfit options that aren’t a red dress!

His Tee

Wander to his side of the closet for this look! I don’t think there is anything sexier than grabbing a tee out of his closet to sport for the night. Plus, then it will smell like you the next time he wears it! Front knot or half-tuck for the full effect.

Winter Whites and a Red Lip

White has a dressy feel, even if all the pieces are casual. Top the look off with a red lip (my favorite is Chili from MAC) and some feminine details like a silk scarf or gold rings! Perfect for a group date with friends!

Tall Socks and an Oversized Sweater

This is what I actually live in at home. I actually just hate pants and love being warm, so the thigh-high sock is my go-to solution. Lucky, they also have a sexiness factor! My favorites are these from Free People. This look is ideal for eating spaghetti carbonara on the couch and watching old movies.

Ripped Jeans and a Leather Jacket

For dinner and a drink, you can’t go wrong with leather and distressed denim. Complete the look with a white tee, red or white booties, and long layered necklaces.

White Fluffy Robes

Sexy, simple, and ideal for snuggling! We love this one.

10 Things, Style

gingam stripes + 10 things

January 29, 2018 • By

Oh my gosh. These past few months have been SO crazy busy. I know that is annoying to hear. I am definitely trying to say it less. It seems like some people wear business like a badge of honor like “I’m soooOOooosooOO busy, I just have soooo0o0o0 OOO much to do.” I am trying not to be that person. But it does seem like I’ve had more on my plate than normal, and time just slips through my fingers. Which is why I have been a terrible blogger as of late! I have all these sets of photos that I am excited to share but just no time to put any real effort into crafting a thoughtful post. Which is why today, I bring you – 10 things!

1 – I truly think I could live off of sweet potatoes, avocados, chic peas and dates.

2 – Last weekend, I finished a refresher course for my SCUBA certification I got when I was 12. It made me so excited to dive this summer!

3 – Also last weekend, my mom and I watched the Netflix movie What Happened to Monday. It was TERRIBLE. Don’t watch it.

4 – I am getting so excited for our upcoming trip to London and Paris. Only 24 days til we leave!

5 – Madewell used to be my jeans of choice, but lately they are not doing it for me. Anyone have a denim brand they love??

6 – These wine glasses I purchased last summer are possibly the best money I’ve ever spent. Now if only someone would get me this carafe.

7 – I am missing my favorite turquoise ring which is making me very nervous by I am trying not to think about it.

8 – On Friday, we are headed to Austin! It has been almost a year since our last visit, so we are definitely due.

9 – My fiddle leaf fig sprouted a new leaf last week AGAINST ALL ODDS. Really rooting for this guy. (Get it?)

10 – I’ve been on the hunt for a neutral, textural pullover sweater for months, and one finally stepped into my life via Ester Penn this weekend. Finally!

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getting ready for… london!

January 17, 2018 • By

In a little over one month, I’ll be swapping this bipolar For Worth weather for the streets of London!

It’s a trip we booked a while ago now, but I’m just now getting details worked out and activities booked. It is my first time ever to London… and my first time ever to Europe overall, so I am beyond excited to venture outside my little Texas bubble. We will be going to London for 3 days, and Paris for 6, with a possible day trip to Brussels at some point. I haven’t done too much planning for Paris yet, but I’ve got some things in mind for London.

Truthfully, I am not huge on having every minute mapped out – I am more of the fly by the seat of my pants, stumble into dive bars kind of tourist, but it’s nice to at least have some things planned. But definitely will have a lot of time in between these, so PLEASE comment with all the recommendations of to-dos below! Here’s what we’ve got on the books so far.