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getting ready for… london!

January 17, 2018 • By

In a little over one month, I’ll be swapping this bipolar For Worth weather for the streets of London!

It’s a trip we booked a while ago now, but I’m just now getting details worked out and activities booked. It is my first time ever to London… and my first time ever to Europe overall, so I am beyond excited to venture outside my little Texas bubble. We will be going to London for 3 days, and Paris for 6, with a possible day trip to Brussels at some point. I haven’t done too much planning for Paris yet, but I’ve got some things in mind for London.

Truthfully, I am not huge on having every minute mapped out – I am more of the fly by the seat of my pants, stumble into dive bars kind of tourist, but it’s nice to at least have some things planned. But definitely will have a lot of time in between these, so PLEASE comment with all the recommendations of to-dos below! Here’s what we’ve got on the books so far.


almost madison 2017 playlist

January 2, 2018 • By

Every year, I add all the songs I’ve saved throughout the past months into one playlist. I love listening back to playlists of years past and reminiscing about where I was in life or what I was up to when that song was a regular in my rotation. Instead of my monthly playlist this month, I wanted to share my 2017 playlist!


your grandma’s couch

December 30, 2017 • By

AGOLDE jeans | RD Style sweater | Vintage coat | ASOS boots | Sezane bag | Madewell hat

Does it get any more vintage than looking like your grandma’s couch? I think not. Today was beyond cold and definitely not an opportune time to go out and shoot. BUT as we have a trip to Paris planned for February, we thought we might as well practice FREEZING!

Though I usually tend to gravitate towards more colorful pieces, I’ve been finding myself repeatedly browsing the black portion of my closet as of late. It may not be the most creative way to style a look, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t the easiest. There is comfort in knowing that an all-black ensemble is there as a safety net when I’m in a rush or feeling uninspired. Plus a pop of print and a few accessories can totally bring the look to life!



move over, millennial pink

December 8, 2017 • By

Madewell jeans | Vintage coat | Zara mules

Millennial pink, the ubiquitous color of this generation. I needn’t tell you that this color is everywhere. You need only have eyes to realize we’re up to our necks with this illustrious color. It has become clear that this isn’t your average color trend. The phenomenon has well outlived the typical staying power of such a trend, and as we near 2017, I have a feeling we are in for another pink year.

Don’t misunderstand me, I get it. The craze over the cutesy hue is not lost on me. Glossier ads often have me reaching for my wallet and I swoon at the thought of Sketch‘s rosy quartz interior. What is it about Millennial Pink that we are all infatuated with? Is it because we’ve used it as a symbol to reclaim our femininity? Because it has been accepted by all, furthering the gender-neutral movement in fashion? Or is it more superficial than that… is it just popular?

Whatever the case, it is evident that this soft-as-a-feather shade is going to stick around for a while. And while I accept this fully, I can’t help but crave some variety. As more and more products and brands stain themselves pink, it starts to lose its impact. Like saying a word over and over. I’m ready to add some new colors to the mix.

Enter: Dusty periwinkle and misty blue. After receiving a drool-worthy bag from Sezane in the mail, I really just could not get over the color of the box it was packaged in. And the color of this fur is absolutely speaking to me. They have the same essence of Millennial Pink but without the oversaturation – figuratively, not literally of course. The perfect complimentary hues to the color of the generation!



cyber week tips (+ all the promo codes you need!)

November 21, 2017 • By

Vintage sweater | Vintage Levi’s | Vintage belt | Alexander Wang bag | Nine West boots

Cyber week is upon us yall, and it’s time to do some serious shopping. I have a bad habit of using this weekend to buy for myself, and not so much for the people I actually get presents for, but I’m probably not the only one. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few expert tips and tricks to make sure I get most out of Black Friday / Cyber Monday / etc. Obviously, tip #1 is STAY AT HOME. Home is the only sensible place to be, come Black Friday. Ideally, with a spiced drink in hand and fuzzy socks on your feet. So, there’s never been a better time to brush up on your online shopping skills and score some savvy deals.

  • Befriend your bookmarks! Though many websites advertise their sales before the fact, a lot do not. I like to bookmark the items I am lusting over and check it periodically to see if there is a deal at some point during the weekend.

  • This doesn’t work for all websites, but you can also try to add items to your cart throughout the week when you’re doing some pre-hunting. When it’s go-time, all you have to do is press that BUY button.

  • Screenshot your order confirmation just in case. Some websites get really flooded and things happen. You don’t want to be in a “we lost your order” situation.

  • Check the return policy before you complete your purchase. Some sites only offer store credits and returns for purchases made on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

  • Don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get lost in your budget when you’re shopping online, so just be mindful of what you’re spending.

So without further ado, here’s every sale and promo code you’ll ever need:

& Other Stories – Up to 50% off
No code needed

ASOS – 30% off everything

Baggu – 25% off everything

Boohoo – Up to 60% off everything
No code needed

Dr. Scholls – 20% off + free shipping

E.L.F. – 50% off everything

Farfetch – Up to 50% off
No code needed

Kiehl’s – $20 off $65+

Madewell – 25% off everything
No code needed

Matisse Footwear – Up to 70% off everything
No code needed

Missguided – 50% off dresses

NastyGal – 50% off everything
No code needed

Nordstroms – Extra20% off selected sale items + free shipping
No code needed

Ray-Ban – Up to 50% off (At least 20% off everything)
No code needed

Revolve – Up to 50% off sale items
No code needed

River Island – Up to 40% off

Sam Edelman – 30% off everything

Shopbob – 20% off orders of $200

The Outnet – 50% off selected clearance items
No code needed

Too Faced – 25% off everything
No code needed

Topshop – Up to 50% off
No code needed

Urban Outfitters – BOGO 50% everything
No code needed

Wanderlust + Co – 30% off everything