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5 Things I’m Buying for Fall

September 25, 2017 • By

Rebecca Minkoff sweater | Madewell jeans | Brixon cap | Vintage bag | Vintage rings | Celine sungalsses

My online cart runneth over. For the most part, I’ve been very good in terms of not buying anything since I am saving up for a trip, but this last week or so, I’ve been very naughty. Now that it is officially fall, I just want to buy all the fall things! And I’m not at all letting this 90+ weather deter my shopping efforts. Plus, the day is always better when there’s a package waiting on the doorstep, right? I’ve got 5 packages being delivered this week, so it is bound to be a good one!

There are a few trends in particular I am dying to partake in, especially after all the street style inspiration that comes with NYFW. Though if I am being honest, this particular season has also uninspired me to try one specific style. I was all for the grey blazer thing until I swiped past 7 grey blazer outfits IN A ROW on Instagram. Now it seems like there’d be nothing LESS creative to wear than a grey blazer. I don’t know… maybe I still want one? TBA.

Here are the trends that are being delivered to me this week (+ one wishlist item)!

White Ankle Booties

Bold, but versatile. I love easy-to-wear pieces that also make a statement, and white ankle booties definitely fall into this category. Typically, I gravitate towards boots most days anyway, so white boots are definitely a natural transition. I got a deal on this pair, but I’m unsure if I want a block heel or stiletto heel like this one.

Fiddler/Newsboy/Cabby Hats

Obviously, I love this trend already, as seen here, here and here. I wanted to add another color to the mix, so I polled you guys an Insta: red or off-white for the next hat? The results were almost unanimously off-white! Still have the red one on my mind though… 🙂

Wrap Dresses

Of course, wrap dresses are nothing new, but they are to me. I’ve been told that wrap dresses are universally flattering, especially on women with curves and I respectfully disagree. I have found that summery wrap dresses are typically not bra-friendly, which sadly means they are not me-friendly. But in the fall, I take advantage of all the bra strap concealing sleeves!


Shearling is back for a victory lap. Last year I lusted over aviator jacket after aviator jacket, and I wasn’t going to miss out this time around. I have also been seeing some other shearling and faux shearling items trending, like this bag and this sweater. It seems as though this fall is going to be quite fuzzy.

Olives, Mustards and Cherry Reds

These hues, specifically in chunky knits and crossbody bags, have such a warm, retro feel that I adore. Plus, there are items popping up in these colors EVERYWHERE, so you’ll have no shortage of options!

And my one wishlist item is: the boldly colored power suit! I am dying for one in red, millennial pink or maybe even pale orange? The power suit is already such a statement look, so it’s like might as well go all out, no?

What do yall think? Are there any of these trends that you could totally pass on?