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in defense of: the slouch

November 7, 2017 • By


Free People sweater (similar) | One Teaspoon shorts | ASOS boots (similar) | Vintage bag (similar)

This is a classic Madison look. Like 100%. Oversized slouchy sweater, too-short shorts, platform boots, vintage bag. Me to a tee. You know, sometimes I don’t always feel the most stylishly creative or fashion-forward, but there’s no denying how good it feels to just feel like yourself. And I definitely felt like myself in this. Well, myself plus 4+ inches of height.

There’s something about slouched styles that gives you that instant cool-girl vibe. Effortless, undone. I’ve got a feeling that the slouch is making a comeback in full force. Slouchy boots, slouchy hats and beanies, slouchy sweaters. Nothing is off limits.

To pull off the slouchy sweater – remember a few things.

Oversized is the goal. Not “too big.”

A minute distinction but a distinction nonetheless. You don’t want to look like you’re falling out of your clothes, just that they’re oversized enough to be a bit off-kilter. Admittedly, the above sweater probably teeters on too big, but when you find a Free People sweater second hand for only a couple bucks, you roll with the punches.

Show a little skin.

I like to balance the frumpy-ness of the slouch with the sexiness of skin. That’s only fair, right? Sweaters and bare legs are akin to peanut butter and jelly. Made for each other.

Keep it simple.

This might just be a personal standard because I am no master when it comes to skillfully accessorizing, but since the slouch already takes a bit of finessing, I like to keep the rest of the look pretty pared down. If I am messing with a tucked sweater, fussy bag, too many necklaces, idk I get concerned that the outfit doesn’t look right if anything shifts. I know, I know, sounds like a personal problem. It is.

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closet cleanup: how to manage your end of summer wardrobe

September 7, 2017 • By

Closet Cleanup

Closet Cleanup

Closet Cleanup

Though fall is technically fast approaching, it won’t feel that way here in Texas for quite some time. The temperature stays in the 90s through the end of September and into October. However, I am already itching to buy sweaters and jackets and all other things “fall.” Sweater weather, yall! It kills me to see friends and family up north already layering with cardigans and enjoying crisp days. So ready for that. I am decidedly OVER summer and my summer wardrobe.

Near the end of each season, I like to go through my closet and take inventory. What did I try on 10 times but never actually wear out? Was there anything I didn’t wear this summer? Answering these questions helps me decide what is adding value to my wardrobe, what needs to be replaced and what pieces can be discarded to make room for new seasonal items. Today, I am sharing my process of how to take inventory and what to do with all those clothes you don’t use anymore. It’s time for the end of summer closet cleanup!

Take note of everything you didn’t wear this season.

First, I take note of all the seasonal pieces I didn’t wear. There’s usually quite a bit. Maybe it’s something I bought on a whim that I didn’t need. Or it’s a little old now and as a result, I just overlook it when browsing. Sometimes, I just forget to return something that didn’t work out. *face palm* Hate when I do that! Once you go through everything you didn’t wear, set it aside.

Decide what to do with it.

I know this is super vague but hear me out. There are a couple different routes you can take to decide if these pieces stay or go, and they don’t even require a Sex and the City style closet cleanup montage.

Wear it.

If you don’t want to get rid of it, wear it! Put together an outfit and try to wear it in the coming week. If by the time fall actually comes around and you still haven’t worn it, it’s time to let go. I’ll be honest, there are some pieces I wear near the end of summer just to cross it off the list. I bought pretty white dress months ago and wore it just to say I did, so guess what? It’s for sale. Which brings me to my next point.

Sell it.

There’s no shortage of ways to sell clothes in this day and age. One of my favorites is taking it to a second-hand store like Buffalo Exchange or Wasteland. I don’t recommend Plato’s Closet because they only take trash and pay you pennies for it. Buffalo Exchange will give you 50% worth of trade or 30% cash from what they buy in. I usually take the trade because it is better a value and I can usually find some stamped silver rings there or a vintage tee. They only buy in pieces that their customers are currently shopping for (duh) so sometimes this is not a great option for getting rid of more seasonal pieces. For example, I save all my coats and jackets to sell until I know that is what they are buying for the store.

There are also tons of apps you can use to sell clothes. In the past, I’ve used Depop. I have also just started using Poshmark as well. These are great because you can set your own prices and even trade if you’re into that. Typically, I get more money for each piece than if I were to sell at a secondhand store, but sales come in slower so it’s a trade off. A couple other cons of this method include people asking you to sell your stuff way below what you asked for (annoying) and figuring shipping which can be a beating. But overall, I’ve had a good experience.

Alter it.

More than once, I’ve had something sit in my closet for ages because the fit was just a little off. Now is the time to take care of it! If it’s a quick DIY fix like hemming a dress or taking in a skirt, set the garment next to your sewing machine to remind you to do it. Or grab your good ol’ fashioned needle and thread and put it next to your side table to work on the next time you watch TV. If it is something more technical that requires a tailor, go put the garment in your car so that when you’re running errands, you don’t forget it at home.

Keep it.

Sometimes you’re just not ready to part ways with something and that’s okay. I have a couple of items that fit me to a t but have a loud print. Things like this warrant the perfect occasion! For others, I am still waiting for the perfect outfit to come together. Typically, if I love a piece and it fits well, it still adds value to my wardrobe even though I haven’t worn it. So I keep it!

Put on Spotify playlist and spend an otherwise lazy Sunday afternoon productively performing your closet cleanup. You’ll be happy you did! Plus, you know it’s about time to make room for those chunky knit sweaters and cozy jackets!



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how to segue your summer wardrobe

September 5, 2017 • By

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

grunge style

American Apparel bodysuit | Madewell Perfect Summer jeans | Vintage flannel | Madewell scarf | Alexander Wang bag | Old Zara boots

I can’t believe it is already September! Okay, yes, it is still summer and since I live in Texas, it will continue to feel like summer long into fall. But I am already dreaming of the crispy days, big chunky sweaters and daylight savings. What can I say, I like to turn in early.

However, buying a new wardrobe each time the season changes can be expensive and cumbersome. Instead, I prefer to use a little creative styling to transition my spring and summer pieces into the fall season. Making key purchases of particular items each season will ensure that you can segue your summer wardrobe to fall and pair them with other key elements of the current season. It saves so much money and time!


Using layers is one of the easiest ways to use lightweight fabrics – like rayon, lightweight cotton and silk – and turn them into fall pieces. For example, a lightweight flowy top can be paired with a heavier cotton cable knit cardigan, some skinny jeans, and booties for a city chic look. Long flowing summer skirts can be matched with long boots and a turtleneck for a great work wear inspired ensemble.

Mixed Media

Using different fabrics like fall velvet and corduroy and matching them up with lightweight silk and poly chiffon gives an elegant and rich feel. This is especially so if you use colors like burgundy and deep, chestnut brown. Mix and match fabrics and don’t be afraid to play around with pops of color. You can even color block in bold fabrics like silk, lightweight suede, velour, and leather.

The Right Accessories

By getting the right accessories, you can play around with your summer wardrobe without having to buy much for fall. Gloves, scarves, hats, blazers, chunky sweaters, tights and boots are all accessories you can work with. These are the essential elements to build a fall wardrobe. Light wash jeans with boots, a flannel, and a scarf can create a fun fall-friendly grunge feel. Short summer mini skirts with rich, opaque tights, booties, gloves and a poncho is an effortless, yet fashionable feel.

You can pair your wardrobe up so many different ways, that each week you can offer up a plethora of style profiles without having to break the bank.


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how to create more “me-time”

August 14, 2017 • By

Olivaceous Top | Hot & Delicious Bomber | One Teaspoon Shorts | Vintage Hat | ASOS Heels | Alexander Wang Bag

Happy Monday! This weekend was a rare one in that I hardly had anything planned to do. On Saturday, it rained so we just watched movies and lounge around the house. Heaven! I have some busy weeks ahead of me, so it was great to be able to take a beat and relax.

When you’re busy, me-time (or just general “not working” time) is so easily overlooked as time that can be sacrificed. For me, I find it hard sometimes to schedule in a social life. With two jobs and this blog, my schedule fills up quickly! And truthfully, I prefer to stay busy because I am way more productive when there is a lot to do. I know I am not alone in procrastinating when I have time to get a project done. But my me-time and my social life are definitely what takes a hit when I am busy.

If I don’t actively schedule time for myself, I get burnt out and lose my creativity. Plus, I turn into an overall grump. Not good for me OR the people around me. Though it takes some finessing to juggle all my short term deadlines and projects, I have a few time management tips that have helped keep me on track in my professional life and blogosphere which allows me to create more time for myself.


I wouldn’t get a damn thing done if it weren’t for lists. My life is basically structured by to-do lists. They’re quick to jot down, easy to reprioritize and that feeling when you cross something off the list, there’s nothing like it.


Keeping separate notebooks for everything helps keep everything organized. I have one for my full-time job, one of for my side job and one for the blog. My to-do lists go within each of those (as well as an additional general life to-do list). This is also where I keep any project notes that I need to keep in order. Having separate notebooks helps me keep everything straight and cuts down on trying to find the information I know I wrote down. When I need something, I know where to find it. 


A lot of people swear by planners. I’ve never been a planner or scheduler type person, it’s just not a flexible option for my lifestyle. My creative juices and motivation, unfortunately, are not always “on call” so I go with what I’m feeling instead of planning out my week. I find it much easier to pick a few things off my to-do list each day to tackle and do the small tasks as they come in.

I know these tips are nothing crazy, but they help! With all the projects I juggle day-to-day, they help me stay organized and more importantly stay sane. I hate saying no to all the fun social things I want to do or to take time for myself, and getting sh*t done is definitely the key to saying YES! Do you have any productivity tips that create more me-time? Let me know in the comments!


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6 tips for successful vintage shopping

June 6, 2017 • By

Vintage Wrap Skirt

Vintage Printed Wrap Skirt

Vintage Floral Wrap Skirt

Vintage Floral Printed Skirt

Vintage Floral Skirt

Vintage Shopping Printed Skirt

Vintage Shopping Skirt

The Red Bathing Suit

Vintage SkirtWearing: Nasty Gal red bathing suit, Vintage wrap skirt, Dolce Vita Booties, Madewell tassel necklace, Jenny Bird Crescent Moon necklace, Vintage silver rings

Once we booked our trip to Marfa, I knew this skirt was the one piece I for sure wanted to bring. Specifically for the pool. It just screams “Wear me around water.” I get such a thrill out of finding the perfect vintage piece to add into my wardrobe, especially ones that don a unique print like this. Truthfully, I’d die to find this print in wallpaper form. It’d be the perfect office accent wall!

Since I have been featuring so many of my vintage pieces on the blog, I wanted to share some of my tips for thrifting and vintage shopping. My love of vintage can easily be dated back to when I met thrift queen (and close friend) Rebecca Wright. Her outfits are fire! Seriously, you’ve never seen a vintage wardrobe as magical as hers. She taught me everything on how to hunt down the best pieces and I think my vintage shopping skills are at an all time high!

Go Often

This is key! All the time, I hear “You find the best stuff at thrift stores! I never find anything good while thrifting.” I’ve also said it a hundred times. To Rebecca. And every time she tells me, “I go all the time.” Find the places in your city that always have something that attracts you, and then frequent that place. Chances are, you will start to find more as they bring more product in. You can even take it a step further and ask when they get shipments in. Early bird gets the worm!

Make Friends with the Employees

This really applies more to vintage or antique shops, but talk to the employees! They know what is in the store if you are looking for something specific AND they know all the good vintage shopping spots around town to find other treasures. I recently bought a hanging lamp at my local antique mall, and I struck up a conversation with the employee who helped me get it down. He ended up clueing me in on FOUR different places around Fort Worth to find cheap mid century modern furniture. Score!

Be Ready to Dig

Sometimes literally. The skirt above was found in a warehouse with piles of clothes as tall as I am. Rebecca and I spent a summer picking vintage for an online shop we briefly ran (RIP), and we spent many days waist-deep wading through vintage clothes. While vintage shopping will rarely be that dramatic, do be prepared to have to hunt for the perfect piece. It wouldn’t be a hidden gem if it were out in the open.

Know Where to Look

There are sections I know I am going to hit as soon as I walk in to a thrift store. Likewise, there are ones I know I am going to skip. I like to go through the dresses, skirts, blazers, lingerie (love little silk shorties), bathing suits, and jewelry (look for silver!). I usually skip blouses, pants, jackets and shoes. Rarely do I have an amazing T-Shirt find at a thift store, but sometimes I’ll give it a go. I usually prefer to go through tees at a vintage shop instead of a thrift store. During the winter, I will sift through coats and sweaters as well. That being said, Rebecca likes to hit it all, but she has more stamina than I (and it pays off).

Look for Textures and Prints

When you’re staring down racks of clothing, it can be daunting to know where to start. You certainly can’t look at everything. To help sort some pieces out, keep an eye out for interesting prints or unusual textures. I like to use thrifted or vintage piece to add variety to my basics and contemporary clothing, and I know that fun textures and prints will help me achieve that.

Don’t Skip the Home Goods Section

The home goods section is honestly my favorite spot to search! Some of my favorite home finds include a hanging macrame lamp/planter combo, a vintage What-a-Burger glass & pitcher, a peacock chair, and so so much more. You can easily be breath life back into these pieces with a little spray paint or an afternoon of sanding and re-staining. Make sure you give this section the once-over next time you thrift!

I hope you found these vintage shopping tips helpful! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more like this in the future!