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April 9, 2015 • By

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This is old, but so dang cute.  I love anything old Hollywood inspired.  Headscarves look so chic in photo shoots, but how do we feel about them in real life?  I can never get them to stay right, and I feel like its hard to avoid a pirate vibe.  Thoughts?  ADVICE??

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November 23, 2012 • By

If you asked me about Juicy Couture a year ago, I’d hate on it so hard, but during these past couple collections, Juicy has put a lot of effort into reinventing their image and readjusting their demographic. Finally saying goodbye to the notorious velour tracksuit that respectively put the company on the scene, Juicy is designing with a fresh eye and welcoming industry cornerstones, like Terry Richardson and (unbearably sexy) Candice Swanepoel into their marketing game, in this cute holiday video. They still sell rhinestoned denim, so I’m not completely sold on their comeback yet, but their effort deserves some recognition!