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gingam stripes + 10 things

January 29, 2018 • By

Oh my gosh. These past few months have been SO crazy busy. I know that is annoying to hear. I am definitely trying to say it less. It seems like some people wear business like a badge of honor like “I’m soooOOooosooOO busy, I just have soooo0o0o0 OOO much to do.” I am trying not to be that person. But it does seem like I’ve had more on my plate than normal, and time just slips through my fingers. Which is why I have been a terrible blogger as of late! I have all these sets of photos that I am excited to share but just no time to put any real effort into crafting a thoughtful post. Which is why today, I bring you – 10 things!

1 – I truly think I could live off of sweet potatoes, avocados, chic peas and dates.

2 – Last weekend, I finished a refresher course for my SCUBA certification I got when I was 12. It made me so excited to dive this summer!

3 – Also last weekend, my mom and I watched the Netflix movie What Happened to Monday. It was TERRIBLE. Don’t watch it.

4 – I am getting so excited for our upcoming trip to London and Paris. Only 24 days til we leave!

5 – Madewell used to be my jeans of choice, but lately they are not doing it for me. Anyone have a denim brand they love??

6 – These wine glasses I purchased last summer are possibly the best money I’ve ever spent. Now if only someone would get me this carafe.

7 – I am missing my favorite turquoise ring which is making me very nervous by I am trying not to think about it.

8 – On Friday, we are headed to Austin! It has been almost a year since our last visit, so we are definitely due.

9 – My fiddle leaf fig sprouted a new leaf last week AGAINST ALL ODDS. Really rooting for this guy. (Get it?)

10 – I’ve been on the hunt for a neutral, textural pullover sweater for months, and one finally stepped into my life via Ester Penn this weekend. Finally!