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6 tips for successful vintage shopping

June 6, 2017 • By

Vintage Wrap Skirt

Vintage Printed Wrap Skirt

Vintage Floral Wrap Skirt

Vintage Floral Printed Skirt

Vintage Floral Skirt

Vintage Shopping Printed Skirt

Vintage Shopping Skirt

The Red Bathing Suit

Vintage SkirtWearing: Nasty Gal red bathing suit, Vintage wrap skirt, Dolce Vita Booties, Madewell tassel necklace, Jenny Bird Crescent Moon necklace, Vintage silver rings

Once we booked our trip to Marfa, I knew this skirt was the one piece I for sure wanted to bring. Specifically for the pool. It just screams “Wear me around water.” I get such a thrill out of finding the perfect vintage piece to add into my wardrobe, especially ones that don a unique print like this. Truthfully, I’d die to find this print in wallpaper form. It’d be the perfect office accent wall!

Since I have been featuring so many of my vintage pieces on the blog, I wanted to share some of my tips for thrifting and vintage shopping. My love of vintage can easily be dated back to when I met thrift queen (and close friend) Rebecca Wright. Her outfits are fire! Seriously, you’ve never seen a vintage wardrobe as magical as hers. She taught me everything on how to hunt down the best pieces and I think my vintage shopping skills are at an all time high!

Go Often

This is key! All the time, I hear “You find the best stuff at thrift stores! I never find anything good while thrifting.” I’ve also said it a hundred times. To Rebecca. And every time she tells me, “I go all the time.” Find the places in your city that always have something that attracts you, and then frequent that place. Chances are, you will start to find more as they bring more product in. You can even take it a step further and ask when they get shipments in. Early bird gets the worm!

Make Friends with the Employees

This really applies more to vintage or antique shops, but talk to the employees! They know what is in the store if you are looking for something specific AND they know all the good vintage shopping spots around town to find other treasures. I recently bought a hanging lamp at my local antique mall, and I struck up a conversation with the employee who helped me get it down. He ended up clueing me in on FOUR different places around Fort Worth to find cheap mid century modern furniture. Score!

Be Ready to Dig

Sometimes literally. The skirt above was found in a warehouse with piles of clothes as tall as I am. Rebecca and I spent a summer picking vintage for an online shop we briefly ran (RIP), and we spent many days waist-deep wading through vintage clothes. While vintage shopping will rarely be that dramatic, do be prepared to have to hunt for the perfect piece. It wouldn’t be a hidden gem if it were out in the open.

Know Where to Look

There are sections I know I am going to hit as soon as I walk in to a thrift store. Likewise, there are ones I know I am going to skip. I like to go through the dresses, skirts, blazers, lingerie (love little silk shorties), bathing suits, and jewelry (look for silver!). I usually skip blouses, pants, jackets and shoes. Rarely do I have an amazing T-Shirt find at a thift store, but sometimes I’ll give it a go. I usually prefer to go through tees at a vintage shop instead of a thrift store. During the winter, I will sift through coats and sweaters as well. That being said, Rebecca likes to hit it all, but she has more stamina than I (and it pays off).

Look for Textures and Prints

When you’re staring down racks of clothing, it can be daunting to know where to start. You certainly can’t look at everything. To help sort some pieces out, keep an eye out for interesting prints or unusual textures. I like to use thrifted or vintage piece to add variety to my basics and contemporary clothing, and I know that fun textures and prints will help me achieve that.

Don’t Skip the Home Goods Section

The home goods section is honestly my favorite spot to search! Some of my favorite home finds include a hanging macrame lamp/planter combo, a vintage What-a-Burger glass & pitcher, a peacock chair, and so so much more. You can easily be breath life back into these pieces with a little spray paint or an afternoon of sanding and re-staining. Make sure you give this section the once-over next time you thrift!

I hope you found these vintage shopping tips helpful! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more like this in the future!