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4th of July style + 3 holiday outfits

June 30, 2017 • By

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4th of July Style Inspiration

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Wearing: Madewell top and scarf, Gap jeans, ASOS sandals, Kat Von Dee Liquid Lipstick

There’s something about the 4th of July that makes it feel like it’s officially summer. I mean, its been hitting 90+ degrees in Fort Worth for weeks now, but I think the early July Texas soundscape of cicadas and fireworks really sets the mood. Plus, this holiday pretty much embodies most of the things I love: sun, swimming, days off work, beer with lime and salt, good food.

BUT does anyone else think that 4th of July style can get a little cheesy though? The terrible plastic red, white and blue sunglasses and the American flag printed tee shirts and swimsuits. I’m not into it. An understated look is definitely the way to go. There’s plenty of more chic routes you can take to still achieve a festive holiday feel.

If all else fails, just wear that Old Navy graphic tee your mom dressed you in 15 years ago and call it a retro, right?